The Layers of M3-CC4

[Unknown Date, 2014]
[Done in my Small Sketchbook, with #2 Pencil, 0.5 Mechanical]

M3-CC4 is a sci-fi planet I designed ages ago, before I could really use a pencil well. The marketing capital of countless systems, the planet is overrun with buildings wherever the massive sea gives way to tall cliffs of land. With limited space, most structures are stacked on top of each other vertically, still dwarfing the capital tower that reaches against the edges of the atmosphere. Underground, meanwhile, extends to the frozen core of the planet, full of mines delving for artifacts and precious minerals to sell on the surface.

If I ever revise this for a modern time – I’d definitely try to make set of these for other planet designs. I’m really proud of how this little infographic turned out, even now.

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