Greylete Ver. 1

[Unknown Date, 2014]
[Done in my Small Sketchbook, with #2 Pencil, 0.5 Mechanical]

The Greyforce is a set of all-rounder antagonists in many of my never-shared stories. A bunch of monochromatic villains who want to bleach the universe of any sign of life. This top-tier soldier was inspired by a certain Kirby Character, and is made from a crackling, shadowy energy. Swinging their massive cleaver around, they need no limbs, having ascended to a form of pure energy and will. Not saying they’re invincible, of course, but they fight like they think otherwise. Truly devoted to their cause.

The design here has been tweaked and updated a bit in my mind since then – tricking these characters out with more equipment and turning that cleaver into… something more impressive. But I still do love the “edgy” design they brandish.

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