“Original Characters are just imaginary friends you make when you grow up.”

Librus, 2019

Hello! I’m Librus, an overly imaginative and enthusiastic individual in his 20’s. I’m known for talking extensively about what I enjoy, reading deeply into any details, being observant, curious, easily amused – and of course, enjoying the process and art of creating things!

With a complicated past (some would call it a “tragic backstory“) and unique set of steps taken growing up, my mind is certainly an odd one, filled with a wide variety of worlds and ideas I aspire to bring to life and share. But such has also led to various demons within my mind as well – voices that break and bear me down, making me sad, anxious or worse. While as I’ve grown, I’ve learnt to wrangle these shadowy beasts within myself to some extent – I’ve also learnt how terrible feelings like sadness, loneliness, depression, fear, and other negative emotions can be. As such, I’ve devoted what skills and talents of mine I have to – hopefully! – make the world a bit of a happier and brighter place! I’ve seen firsthand how creations can powerfully evoke incredible feelings in other human beings, and I aspire to do the same, bringing happiness to as many people as I might.

I love to see wonder in anything – be it our natural world, or ones other create. Such depth and wonder to either can make them wonderful places to explore and learn about, and such passionate enthusiasm drives what I create here. While my current projects are small saplings and hazy frameworks – I have bold, lofty (and yes, perhaps a bit foolhardy) aspirations to bring forth beautiful, long-lasting, and truly unique things into the world – evoking such positive emotions that saved me from darker times in my past. It may be a silly thing to some, but I think it’s noble to aspire for happiness, and bring it to others. I believe it’s best to spend what time I have in this world bringing what joy I can to others around me!

Aside from my philosophies – which my projects all take a part in, as any creator’s – I’m a gay guy, which, obviously, also ties heavily into the work I do. With some of my older work seen here, it might become obvious as the content changes as I matured (and continue to mature!) through the years. Such self-expression and exploration is also how I drive myself to create (as one might notice almost all my writing features a blatant self-insert, some more obvious than others…)!

So there you go, dear readers! I hope you enjoy what this place has to offer. It’s grown along with me in many wild and unforeseen ways, and I hope you’ll be around to see what lies further up the winding road. Let’s keep creating wonderful things!