Hello again!

Welcome to the MechaPress, 2.0! Now in fancy art blog format.

It’s been ages since I last tried using WordPress. Due to a variety of terrible reasons, I had to ditch MP 1.0 for a while and leave the place behind. It wasn’t exactly a huge loss, considering the place wasn’t really built for where my life was going, and a lot of the content there was in desperate need of an update. So I decided to leave it all behind and let it burn away. (You can still check it out in the Extras section, thanks to some web-archive magic from a friend of mine.)

This version is much better than the old one! With a new art-focused theme, I can now regularly update the place with both life musings too large for Twitter, and various art pieces I’ve done! Everything on the site so far is stuff made before this site was live, so take a look. (A lot of the dates are sort of mysteries to me, them being so dated. From now on I’ll be able to properly date and archive my work!)

There’s still some details to iron out! I want to make that banner much nicer, and also find a way to make that big empty space on the left look nice. Maybe some custom image or some fancy background, I don’t know yet. I also still want to see how comfortable this layout is for users, so feedback is appreciated. I dug through a lot of themes before deciding on this one… nothing really seemed to be comfortable aside from this one. (Apparently portfolio systems here are mostly made for photography, who knew?!)

In the meantime, I plan to make this place more lively than it’s predecessor, and tighten up my image. I need to look more professional than before, both for college and so I can get more commission work. (I’d highly appreciate it in advance, by the way… I could use the funds for a lot of reasons!)

So, I guess that’s it for now. Thank you!

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