Making Things Is Very Hard

Hoorgh. Alright, h-here we go.

As you may have noticed, I haven’t been here in a very, very long while. At this point almost every post I make here is heralded with that remark, and by now I’m sure what rare few even remember this place exists or stumbled into it from the countless links I’ve scattered about in eons past know that any remarks I make about how I’m doing my best to return here on a regular basis is about it’s worth in… well, something that isn’t worth much at all. Sand? Tardigrades? Bitcoin? Something. Something not good in the slightest.

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The Site Has Had An Update!

After many headaches, I’ve finally figured out a few ways to make this new site look nicer and more… thick, for the lack of a better term. We’ve moved from Sidespied to Orvius, and had to add so many descriptions and images to things to fill them out better. So feel free to explore again, and see all the little bits I’ve added.

Getting this right was a huge headache, but now I have grounds to really make this place look pretty. I plan to add a background that deals with the empty space on the left and right, and one day draw many custom headers that randomize every time the page loads. (Perhaps one day I’ll have hundreds and people will try to see them all…!)

I also had to re-upload the entire portfolio section, so they may have odd dimensions or look strange in the theme, while others look much nicer and have swollen to their proper size. (Mostly the sketches, since they have a very nice size for this theme. I plan to draw according to this theme in the future, so less annoyingly massive vertical pieces without proper width, like a few you may see (or annoyingly wide, like one of my better pieces in the Digital section…) That was a huge rigmarole, setting that up so it looked nice, but I think it does well for now!

I need to draw again soon, but these past few days have been stressful, so we’ll see…!

Anyway, thanks for your patience, and enjoy! (And feedback is appreciated…!)

Making Things Is Hard

Hello again, everyone. It’s been a while.

As I write this, I’ve eaten yet another huge roll of Oreos, and am quietly remarking on the fact that this is my… 15th? 16th? Attempt at getting this out on paper. I’ve honestly displayed some very evident signs of stress and agony over this during the past few days, suffering from an entire depressive episode and two panic attacks. I’ve rattled what I can of my dysfunctional mind to figure out what to make, channeling what advice I haven’t already forgotten as a means of hopefully creating something nice.

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