[Unknown Date, 2014]
[Done in my Small Sketchbook, with #2 Pencil, 0.5 Mechanical]

Zort was fun to draw, a unique, industrial design for a rock-blasting robot I never really tried before. Zort received a fatal blast, damaging his internals, putting him off-duty forever. But instead of rusting his days away, Zort decided to take advantage of his newfound defects and start manufacturing and selling special TRIAD Mining Co. weaponry, focused on the extremes of rock-busting explosives. He’s always screaming everything he says, and is overly enthusiastic about everything, especially blowing more stuff up. And before you ask, those panels on his arms fold out into fingers when he’s not rolling by, so they don’t scrape along the ground.

This is another piece I think aged quite well. The perspective feels right, and this character is just asking for more illustrations of him in more dynamic poses and scenes. Maybe one day, big guy…

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