[Unknown Date, 2014]
[Done in my Small Sketchbook, with #2 Pencil, 0.5 Mechanical]

Phobos is the last of his kind, a OS unit for MechaTek, a first-time project in sentient machines. Most OS units developed eccentric and lazy personalities, and had to be recalled as they became too chaotic to control and follow orders. A few survived the recall, though, like Phobos here, who spends his time searching for his long-lost twin, Deimos. Scouring the dusty plains of Mars, he occasionally falls into other adventures, but never loses sight of his dream. He’s still kind of a lazy goofball, though, no matter how diligent he seems!

I’m quite proud of this one – especially in how it’s clear how all the parts can move around. This character still lives on in some stories – and absolutely will have his starring role some distant day, I’m sure. (Plus, his design is quite easy to draw, so it’s inevitable he gets more visual appearances in the future…)

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