Genesis Types

[Unknown Date, 2014]
[Done in my Small Sketchbook, with #2 Pencil, 0.5 Mechanical]

In my sci-fi-sketch universe, I needed an excuse for basically elemental/magical powers. I came up with this! Each type allows a user control over various substances, usually the environment they grow up in. I did my best to compress it down, (Plasma is both fire/electric) and be original at the same time (like Quantum’s space-time manipulation), so I’m kind of proud of this system. I have yet to really include it in a story, but these designs went through many iterations before they settled here.

As I’ve taken classes in visual design, a lot of these have been extensively updated – as well as a nice handful of new types added! I wonder if some people will like the old designs here compared to the new ones…

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