[Commission work done in Photoshop]

A commission work where I was tasked with drawing someone’s Warforge character from a Dungeons and Dragons campaign. Warforges are basically the fantasy equivalent of robots, a living suit of armor built to resemble skin placed around a flexible wooden frame. Their unique shape (that of a small fort) was the result of struggling with head shapes, and finally settling on something far simpler than what I was trying to do. I’m quite proud of how the torso and head turned out, though the arms and hands could use some work. They don’t feel right to me, but I couldn’t get it out on the canvas very well.

Those chains behind them are supposed to be a set of flails, a big one and a little one. There is also a shield back there, but it’s hard to see with their armored bulk in the way.

As an aside, they’re actually quite thin for a warforge, most are far bulkier in build to the point where you can’t even wrap your arms around one. They’re quite beefy golems…!

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