[Date Unknown, 2016]
[Done in Photoshop]

A conceptual design of the primary workforce of the powerful MechaTek Corporation. This chassis (Base, Loading & Development) comes equipped with stronger arms and legs than the other hull types, allowing them to carry many times their own weight. Primarily used for moving cargo, loading ships, and other basic utility duties, they’ve also work alongside repair units, carrying materials to units normally not strong enough to carry such loads. As you’d expect, they come without weapons, but can use their bulk to crush things below them, and use their more powerful limbs to deliver powerful punches and kicks.

I’m honestly not fond of how this one came out – but a mistake like this deserves to be shown regardless as a step in the larger process. Friends and others have taken this very brutalist design and shown their own corrections, but a personal update on these from me is something long overdue. I mean, the fingers don’t even have any joints, and it’s so difficult to tell how it looks from other angles… Argh!

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